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Plush Dog Bed with Washable Cover - Comfortable Pet Lounger

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Product Title: Plush Pet Bed with Washable Cover - Cozy Dog Lounger

Product Description: Introducing our Happy Tappies Soft Cuddle Bed – the epitome of comfort for your furry friend. Made with ultra-plush materials for ultimate coziness, this bed ensures your pet's restful slumbers. Its durable construction guarantees long-lasting use, while the non-slip base keeps it securely in place. Perfect for cats and dogs alike, the Happy Tappies Soft Cuddle Bed is the cozy haven your pet deserves.

Bullet Points:

  • High-quality PV velvet material for comfort and durability
  • Filled with premium PP cotton for extra softness
  • Provides warmth and a cozy sleep environment
  • Non-slip bottom ensures stability
  • Machine washable for easy cleaning
  • Available in various sizes to suit pets up to 120 pounds
  • Round, raised edge design for a sense of security


  • Material: Plush, Polypropylene Cotton, Non-slip Oxford Bottom
  • Size Options:
    • 15.7 Inch: Outer Diameter 15.7", Inner Diameter 7.9", Height 5.5", suitable for pets up to 6 pounds
    • 23.6 Inch: Outer Diameter 23.6", Inner Diameter 13.8", Height 7.9", suitable for pets up to 25 pounds
    • 31.5 Inch: Outer Diameter 31.5", Inner Diameter 19.7", Height 7.9", suitable for pets up to 55 pounds
    • 39.4 Inch: Outer Diameter 39.4", Inner Diameter 27.6", Height 7.9", suitable for pets up to 120 pounds

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Meta Description: Provide your pet with the ultimate comfort and warmth with our Plush Pet Bed. Made from premium materials and available in various sizes. Order now for a cozy sleep experience!