Our Testers

Meet the paw-some product testing team at Happy Tappies - Kenai, Buddy, Mia, and Koda! These four furry friends are more than just pets; they're our trusted experts in ensuring that we provide only the highest quality products for your beloved companions.

And here they are:


Meet Kenai:

  • Breed: Labrador-Retriever Mix
  • Age: 9
  • Specialty: Tug Toys and Plushies

Introducing Kenai, our vibrant 9-year-old dynamo at Happy Tappies! With a wag that never quits and a heart full of boundless energy, he's the epitome of canine joy. Kenai's all about fun, whether he's sprinting around or engaging in epic tug-of-war battles—making him our resident expert on tug toys.

And when it comes to plush toys, Kenai's knack for turning them into fluff in record time ensures we only stock the toughest ones. With Kenai on the team, you're guaranteed endless tail-wagging excitement for your furry friend!





Meet Buddy:

  • Breed: Mix
  • Age: 15
  • Specialty: Plushies and Beds

Meet Buddy, the laid-back 15-year-old senior star at Happy Tappies! With a calm demeanor and a wealth of wisdom, Buddy is the epitome of relaxation. While his walks may be a bit slower these days, he still knows how to have a blast when the plush toys make an appearance—proving age is just a number when it comes to playtime fun.

Buddy's love for naps and pillows makes him the ultimate expert in snoozability.  His discerning taste ensures that only the most luxurious beds make it onto our shelves, guaranteeing your pet the sweetest dreams imaginable. You can rest assured that every bed we offer has been tested and approved by a true connoisseur of comfort.



Meet Mia:

  • Breed: Kooikerhondje mix
  • Age: 6
  • Specialty: Balls and Tents/Teepees

Meet Mia, the lively 6-year-old sweetheart at Happy Tappies! With endless energy and a heart full of love, Mia's obsession with balls knows no bounds. She's also the cuddliest princess you'll ever meet, but even royalty needs their space, and Mia is no exception.

When she's not busy ruling the playroom, you'll find her nestled in her teepee or tent, enjoying her own little castle away from the world. Mia's expertise in finding the perfect hideaway makes her our resident expert in teepees and tents. With Mia's seal of approval, you can trust that every cozy hideaway we offer is fit for a princess!



Meet Koda:

  • Breed: Kromfohrländer
  • Age: 5
  • Specialty: Leashes and Food bowls

Meet Koda, the adventurous 5-year-old dynamo at Happy Tappies! Though a tad shy, his spirit is anything but timid. With boundless energy and a love for the great outdoors, Koda thrives on long walks through forests, reveling in the joy of mud puddles and open spaces.

But Koda's not just about wild romps—he's also a model citizen on the leash. His impeccable leash manners make him the perfect tester for our assortment of leashes and harnesses. Whether it's long, short, or hands-free, Koda puts them all to the test with gusto.

Did we say gusto? His never satiated hunger also makes him the perfect tester for food bowls. Since he likes to throw those around to make sure we understand that he is still hungry.

With Koda leading the way, you can trust that every leash, harness and food bowl we offer is up to the challenge of keeping up with your adventurous and hungry pup. So gear up for your next outdoor adventure with Koda-approved accessories from Happy Tappies!


Our Promise:

You can rest assured that our Pups won't get tired of testing products and only recommending the highest quality to you, your furry friend and your family.


We are working on expanding our team to include some fine feline testers as well. Currently we are working off of recommendations of Feline Pet owners in our environment.