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Hands-Free Dog Training Waist Bag with Reflective Nylon Leash

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Product Title: Hands-Free Dog Training Waist Bag with Reflective Nylon Leash

Product Description: Revolutionize your dog walking experience with our Hands-Free Dog Training Waist Bag. Made from durable polyester blends and featuring reflective nylon material, this multifunctional waist bag offers convenience and safety during outdoor activities with your furry friend. Equipped with upgraded high-strength spring rope and dual handles, it provides long-distance and short-distance control, supporting dogs up to 100kg/220lb. With multiple compartments including a garbage bag export, reflective strip, and waterproof fabric, this waist bag is perfect for carrying all your essentials. Take your dog walking to the next level with this upgraded hands-free leash system.

Bullet Points:

  • Upgraded high-strength spring rope for long-distance control
  • Dual handles for short-distance control
  • Supports dogs up to 100kg/220lb
  • Multifunctional waist bag with multiple compartments
  • Reflective nylon material for enhanced visibility and safety
  • Made from durable polyester blends
  • Perfect for hands-free dog training and outdoor activities


  • Material: Polyester Blends
  • Brand: Pecute
  • Origin: Mainland China
  • Season: All seasons
  • Type 1: For dogs
  • Type 2: Portable Dog Bag
  • Type 3: Pet Supplies
  • Type 4: Dog accessories
  • Type 5: Dog products
  • Type 6: Dog training bag

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